Wednesday, March 15, 2017



Honey, bring it close to my lips
The sun will shine from time to time
You can't make no money if you can't keep an artist
Mingle with the good people we meet, yeah!

See me I'm all about my money mane
Peeping your steelo
I could never spend my life with a man like you

People hold on, we've got to be strong
A quarter past eleven on a Saturday in 1999
You know you cannot hide, from what's inside

So I chose freedom
A light still shining
Remember me, I'm the one who had your babies

addict-insane, come play my game, inhale inhale
you're the firestarter, twisted firestarter
high density random blond boy blond country

I have run away, run away
Heaven on earth, paradise for a price
Sexism, baptism and wisdom
will this deja vu never end?

I wish I could turn back time
fools begin to open up their eyes
oh I know what you're thinking
paint it black and white and easy

They don't like the game we play
and i'm a simple selfish son
He's fighting and biting and riding on his horse

Don't push us, 'cause we're close to the, edge
wasting my precious energy
Is this how it all will end

We're 'bout ready to rock steady
Your baby's got rabies
And you jumped in with your eyes closed

wanted to be satisfied, i tried to be dignified
around the world