Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Here be Dragons (laughing to live)


It was a cool, fine day in Perth. I was out swimming at Inglewood. Suddenly a black cloud covered the sun. Everyone looked up and saw a big green dragon. I looked up and saw a yellow belly coming towards me with its black claws ready to grab. I thought that since dragons like pretty ladies, he was going to take Sarah or Astrid. He stopped and said in a kind, dragonlike way, "Which one of you knows the funniest jokes?" Sarah and Astrid pointed to me. The claw came down and scooped me up and flew up. One minute I was in my bathers, the next minute I was in a long, silky, purple skirt and a wide green silk blouse. I had green shoes. My hair was dry, permed and held back with an Amethyst and Emerald tiara. I asked the dragon where we were going and he answered, "I am taking you to my land where the King can't laugh." He sighed then continued, "We tried every funny joke we knew but they just made him sad or angry. I set out to find a person who knew the most jokes. When I saw you I knew you were the one. There was silence, then I said "My name is Claire and I am fifteen." The dragon replied "My name is Merlin and I am a thousand and fifty." Suddenly we were in the court of the King. Merlin said, "Claire there are four hours til our King dies from lack of laughter, we are relaying on you." I nodded and went to the King, courtesied and started to tell him lots of jokes. After three and a half hours I shrugged my shoulders then I said "How did Jack defeat the Giant?" The King shrugged. I replied, " With his bean" I didn't get it, but to everyone's surprise the King roared with laughter. Then everyone cried "Goodbye Claire and Thankyou!" I suddenly woke up on the floor of the swimming pool's office with people rushing around calling for a doctor for me. I smiled and said under my breathe "My Pleasure Merlin." and looked around for Mum.


Written in 1991, for Yr 5 Creative Writing