Not Even One Term Tony: Two Years of Protest

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THE SPILL - Monday 14 September 2015
Julia Gillard Rushed To Hospital After Overdosing On Schadenfreude


Claire with Rina
Well, I did have a headache until 15 minutes ago, and then St Turnbull Silverback cured the hell out of it.
Changing the man changeth not the Policies nor the Cabinet nor the Party *still crying* no headache though ...

It's on! But can this mystery potato save Australia from Tony Abbott? | First Dog on the Moon
How long will the torment of this government last? It’s no longer about our smug enjoyment of someone else’s plummet from grace ... this is real!

Liberal MPs Consult Bill Shorten On Proper 'Knifing A Leader' Technique
A group of disgruntled Government back benchers has sought a meeting with opposition leader Bill Shorten to seek advice on what technique is best used
I'm going to be in my bunk ...
Netflix and Spill

Claire shared Malcolm Turnbull's video.
*hnnng* how generous IS your social welfare net Malcolm?
The only way that we will remain a high wage, generous social welfare net, first-world society is if we have outstanding economic leadership
#putoutyouronions hashtag on Twitter

The Silver Fox rises...
Many things are rising alongside him ... mainly blushes and giggles ... but also the niggling feeling that the right wing of the LNP still exist, and he may have to make some intolerable concessions to keep them at bay ...
The One True Leader ‪#‎libspill‬ ‪#‎primechinister‬ ‪#‎chinspirational‬

Listening to Sky News on the leadership spill, it's kinda hilarious because they just announced that Peter Dutton is being put forward as the deputy leader for an Abbott Ticket.

Oh noes, Joe Hockey is trying to save his Captain, and doing an amazing job of destroying any last hope.

A live LNP Night of the Long Knives is very entertaining to listen to.
Cormann is speaking; I will never be tired of hearing him say LNP things in his accent.

Julie Bishop is running as Malcolm Turnbull's deputy in the spill and this video will always be relevant ...

"I think if she (Julie Bishop) got up there (Liberal Leadership) she would keep them in line so well ... and I like Liberal Ladies in Linen."

Chat and Rap: Julie Bishop or Liberal Ladies (in Linen)

Just to remind everyone that Leaders (even Liberal Leaders) change all the time:

Big Girls Blouse - Liberal Women at the Polling Booth

The Liberals-loving women get their chance to shine at the local polling booth on election day. Whoever is the Liberal leader though?

Julie is in the ROOM!

Oh My Furiosa this is fun!

Here comes the Abbott Posse! That is a lot of people I will be very glad to see gone ...

Commentators looking positively delighted that Bernardi may go postal if Turnbull becomes leader; the Australian Satirist Community will be happy with that.

My call is Malcolm Caesar, to be honest.

Currently trying to work out the puns I will be posting when the Whip emerges and when the Prime Minister is announced.
Commentators linking stories in Newscorp papers; so, uh, is this Murdoch?

Oh shit!

Whip It Good.

Malcolm has totally gone Glencoe on Abbott!

The Two Silvertails are in Charge now; Turnbull and Bishop, what a day.
I need a cup of tea and a goddamn night in my bunk.

Julie Bishop's reign as the actual Leader of the Liberal Party continues.
Julia Gillard's night has been made in a very big way.

Please PM Silverback, please let me go back to being a Historian of Fascism, not a Commentator on Fascism.

And the real Leader of the Liberal Party, Julie Bishop, strides on in her High Heels of Destiny ...

Round Squares's photo
A wealthy white guy wearing a blue tie and suit has been replaced by another wealthy white guy wearing a blue tie and suit.

“Let me assure you that things will be different under my leadership,” the newest white guy wearing a blue tie and suit stated. “Sure, I’m also a Rhodes Scholar who has previously worked in journalism, but I’m going to be a very different leader. All of the ties that I wear will be a slightly darker shade of blue and all of the onions I eat will be cooked.”

I am feeling both directionless and ... free?

Australian Women Left Directionless After Minister For Women Loses Job – The Shovel
Australian’s women are desperate for guidance and uncertain of their future today, after the nation’s highest female representative, Tony Abbott, was forced to stand down.

Julie has been the real Leader of the Liberal Party for eight years now because she bathes in the tears of men who used to be "Leaders" of the Liberal Party.

Julie Bishop Refuses to Rule out Devouring Tony Abbott’s Still-Beating Heart
Now is the Summer of our Malcolmtent, made Glorious Leader by this Lady Bishop.

Dear Tony

The last two years with you were scary, but inspiring.
You terrified me with your casual Catholic Fascism, but that terror did prompt me to write some of the best blog posts of my short life.
This is my scrapbook of our first twelve months together.
Thanks(?) for the memories(?)


September 2013
The first twelve months with "Not Even One Term" Tones were tumultuous - enjoy the scrapbook.
*phew* from 13 September 2013
Oh Archaic and Anachronistic Abbott, the Revolution Reluctantly loves you because you make it all so very, very easy.

Who is the real Leader of the Liberal Party?

Tim Watts MP's photo.
Behind every leader of the Turnbull-Abbott-Turnbull Liberal Party stands the same extreme, out of touch party room.

THE LAST WORD - I am convinced Julie is the real leader

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