Not Even One Term Tony: September 2013

October, November & December 2013
There is something reassuring about growing up into The Women’s Club: you know you’ve done it yourself, and against a society trying very hard to claim you want to be in another Club, serving the sandwiches.

The Liberal Party is going to discover that media blackouts don’t happen with Facebook … get those costings out peeps! :)

Well, Ruddles and Tones, dribs and drabs, your behaviour and certain policies have turned me into an enormous green rage monster, so I am supporting my fellow Greens with my rage vote.

Do as Bruce Banner would ... go Green!

I just really, really want the misogynist asshole not to get in. That is all.

G W Bush is going to seem a gentle dream next to Tones. But NOT WITH MY VOTE is all I can do.
We live in a bubble of being confident in change for universal progress rather than complacency for selective profit.

C'mon Abbott Baby, I need you to help me Maintain The Rage for three years!

Daniel Foeldes
Tony Abbott, Fiona Scott, Clive Palmer, Bob Katter, and possibly Pauline Hanson. Australians either have a fatalistic sense of humour or this is a successful attempt to put the lowest possible combined IQ into government.
To all my non-Australian friends around the world and here in Australia: I did not vote for any of the Idiots in Power you are going to hear about very soon in the news. Please forgive me if I don't enjoy the jokes that will be made at our expense once the PM opens his mouth in International company.
A million lifetimes
left dying in the sun
In the streets down in Canberra
dogs picking at the bones
Refugees got branded
Refugees got sold
There will be no one left to water
all the seeds you've sown

Oh Archaic and Anachronistic Abbott, the Revolution Reluctantly loves you because you make it all so very, very easy

Benedict Cumberbatch included in screen capture for everyone's sanity.

STEM and the human atom
I have always found that the way that STEM practitioners think is incredibly useful to frame ideologies in my area of social history, allowing a new perspective on some of the oldest prejudices in history hidden in the sources and literature I love so much.
These words are the calmest I can manage while my brain is an enormous green rage monster.

One woman in Cabinet and the notoriously misogynist Prime Minister incorporating the portfolio of the Status of Women into his Office. Truly, God sent the current Prime Minister to Australia because he wanted wake up the feminists.

I went to a Catholic Girls School with a green uniform Mr Abbott, and I will out class you on Ultra-Catholic, Anti-Democratic, Ultra-Authoritarian Misogynist ideas any day you want to try me. I grew up on and in the ideas you still cling to ... and I know how to get rid of them too.

You don't want to mess with Ex-Catholic Schoolgirls!
A definition of madness
Systems are just tools, they should react and change with the user, but our systems are not changing with the population that use them, as evident by under-representation of varied proportions of our population in almost every area of public and private life. The systems are wrong, not the diversity of the population trying to use them.
The Roast kindly informed me that Erica Betts’ friend Tonya B Bott is the new Australian Minister for the Status of Women.

The Good News Greenie
Flannery outlined advantages that were relevant to both Australia and Western Australia, citing our wealth in natural gas, wind and solar power, as well as the accompanying technology and research. Flannery believes that these resources position us as the Lucky Country all over again, the country with the greatest green resources and the chance to become world leaders in intellectual property.
Oh Quentin! I love you! Look at you! When the election was won you called your stylist and gave a very clear order. Possibly politer than the one that I attribute to you now - 'Fuck you Abbott, I will be the Pink Bits in this photo!'

I too think of my curly hair as the embodiment of my political view of the new Government and Prime Minister!


Well! I wake up and check my emails and the man whose online petition I signed yesterday sent me a link to The Guardian and informed me I could be a founding sponsor of the new Climate Council. So donate I did, because I don't have to accept anything the current Prime Monster decides to do :)

So I just contributed to the independent Climate Council to make sure the Prime Monster doesn't get away with ONE of his regressive policies. Now I need to find the person in charge of Australia's independent Science Vision to donate to for my second act of dissent ... anyone got someone better than Ian Chubb or the utterly legendary Lyn Beazley? Third act of dissent will be a Refugee Advocacy group, fourth ... well ... again, suggestions would be welcome ...

The Climate Council raised a quarter of a million dollars in private crowd funding in 24 hours and I am incredibly proud to be one of those people :)
There are a lot of issues that the Prime Monster now thinks are not important enough for a Minister:

1. Science
(well, we all know Science is pretty important, even if the Prime Monster does not)
2. Aged care
(The fast approaching Baby Boomers need Aged Care Policy soon)
3. Resources
4. Mental health
(Again, Mental Health is something that ageing populations need to work with)
5. Disabilities
(As above with Mental Health and Aged Care - the aging population of Australia is clearly not important to the Prime Monster, but it is kind of important to me because I would like my tax dollars to go to help the people I respect who are getting older and will need help)
6. Families
(Call me crazy, but Federal Family Policy is very important so all those families can raise children with constructive help that ensures those children become productive and happy members of society)
7. Community services
8. Early childhood & childcare
9. Youth
10. International development
11. Housing

Gee, this Government likes the population that voted them in don't they?

I call him Prime Monster because he thinks like a rapist, The Roast call him Tonya B Bott, but I do love Toned Abs!

Unfortunately it's true :( And he said it on National TV.
‘I think there does need to be give and take on both sides, and this idea that sex is kind of a woman’s right to absolutely withhold, just as the idea that sex is a man’s right to demand I think they are both they both need to be moderated, so to speak’
It's really strange to have to listen to him say that women should have their right to withhold sex be moderated. We are not monsters these days Mr Abbott, we are humans, and women can refuse to have sex whenever they want, without someone else deciding to 'moderate' their wishes!

A spade is a spade, and a man who thinks like a rapist ... well ... thinks like a rapist.

But he didn't say what you hoped he meant did he? He said what is recorded. And he said it because he believes it. Being a Catholic is no excuse, I am a Catholic and I know that women and men can say no or yes to sex whenever they want, and that is their right.

He said things like 'withhold' and 'demand', and I guess I can safely assume you understand, from talking to your sister, that 'withholding' sex is not the most intelligent way of publicly discussing a person's right to choose when to have sex - male or female.

Women and men say yes to sex, or they say no to sex. They do not withhold sex (which is based on the concept that there is someone with a right to have sex with them) and they do not demand sex (which is based on the concept that they have a right to have sex with someone).

Men and women give consent to having sex to with someone, as you pointed out.

It's just not logical what he said, and it is the language of a man who thinks like a rapist. Whether that is because he is a man who doesn't understand women, or a Catholic unable to question the canon of his Church or unaware of his own culture, that is for those who apologise for him to try and make the case.

I am just looking at his words. And his words tell me he thinks that women are 'withholding' something from someone who has a right to sex with them when they say no to sex. And no one has the 'right' to have sex with someone who is saying no. That is rape, and possibly intimate partner rape if I understand your point about sex inside a marriage.

You may not want to argue that because half the population of the world (who?) think they have a right to sex with other people (who?) that it is the right thing to think, or even that I can't be straight forward about naming it. You are doing the population of the world a vast disservice. An awful lot of them think consent is the way to go.

I assumed all your comments were made voluntarily, and that all the opinions you put forward in those comments were your own.

I'm not sure when you calling half the population of the world rapists (which half?) and including yourself in that number was ME saying that.

I said that Tony Abbott thinks like a rapist. And I responded to your comment with the quote (and its source) that uses the language of rape apology and thus why I think Tony Abbott thinks like a rapist. And then I clarified my objection to the language he used by setting out the thinking behind the language of rape apology.

I never said he was a rapist. I said he thinks like a rapist. And I backed it up with his own words and my thinking about it. Nowhere did I blame you or any other person on the planet - you did that. Nowhere did I say men like Tony Abbott who cannot separate themselves from rape culture will rape.

I assume when you are commenting on Facebook that the context is understood to be that I have decided to make something public to the people who I am friends with. I treat their comments, positive or negative, as essential engagement.

Let's not let Tony get between us!

Email from Tim Flannery. Eeeeee. One of 10,000 founding donations. This is the most exciting use of my money since Hello Boys!

Well, I've found my third; Climate, Asylum and History, all served up on a Feminist rant.

I now have to stop work on my Abbott voodoo doll to start a Pyne voodoo doll. Climate denying, Asylum denying, Culture warriors are my all time least favorite Asshats. At least Pyne is as thick as two planks. His statement about Australian History was so laughably uninformed by current historical practice I think the real threat is from stupidity, not any kind of CLEVER regressive conservative contributions!
October, November & December 2013
September 2015 - Prime Minister AUST#28 removed from Liberal Party Leadership

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