Friday, January 30, 2004

The Start of an Unnatural Obsession

Funny things still happen to my brain over here. Like being so spaced out from no sleep that I got strangely excited at spotting a pigeon on the platform at Baker Street Station and pointed it out to Monica saying 'hey, cool, a penguin on the underground.' Monica was so pleased with the line that she composed me a poem the next day.

There's a penguin on Claire's subway
Wand'ring this way and then that
He waddles 'cross the platform
Feet softly slapping, belly fat

Dressed in warm grey feathers
Birdlike beak 'neath tiny eyes
Methinks that Claire's fat penguin
Is a pigeon in disguise :)

The story could just end there but later that week, while walking through the crowd at the Church for Australia Day there was a (hot) guy in a t-shirt that said 'one by one the penguins are stealing my sanity'

Ah! But does the strange penguin inspired co-incidences stop there? No indeed not my captive audience! That very Tuesday at the pub quiz there was a question about Penguin Radio. Monica and Matt say it is an association thing, much like the phenomenon of noticing all the Audis on the road once you have bought one. I personally prefer to believe that the penguins are trying to send me a message.

The red penguins are great fun.

Apart from primary coloured pygoscelis papua there are other small joys in the midst of the London January. Like the sky on a clear day at 4.45pm. I first saw this wonder a few weeks ago. At approximately quarter to five the sky melts into a fantastically deep electric royal blue. That may seem to be an extremely fancy discription of the colour but it is certainly the only way I can describe it ... maybe put velvety in there somewhere. The first time I saw it I was captivated and walked to the tube with my head scanning the sky trying to savour the colour.

And I am still a happy little layerer, wearer of scarves and gloves and hats bought in celebration of the snow. So I am blessed with the simple pleasures. And penguins. The red ones. Yup, the penguins.

I actually inspired Monica to create quite a bit of rap and prose in our time ...