Thursday, March 18, 2004

St Patrick's Day

Kim is a fantastically conscientious traveler and around February had proposed a twelve hour tour of Dublin for St Patrick's Day – Kim, Monica, Matt and I were the lucky revelers who attended. We flew out of London at 5pm, Matt and Monica from Stansted, Kim and I from Gatwick, and were in the middle of Dublin by 8pm. Kim was the only one who knew anything or anyone in the city so we spent the night in various bars meeting people who knew Kim, or people who knew people who knew Kim, or people who wanted to know Kim ...

We met random drunk but hilariously funny Scotsmen and Matt and Monica found themselves a philosopher wandering the streets of Dublin at 3 o'clock in the morning. Since we had optimistically envisaged partying all night and had not arranged accommodation – something I would not recommend doing anywhere – we also met two lovely Irishmen who offered us a couch for the few hours before our 8am flight back to London. These two lovely men were called Liam and Ronan and I am proud to say that even in my exhausted and frozen state I did not mention Ronan Keating AT ALL!