Wednesday, October 13, 2004

It's all one big ego trip really

Welcome to my blog.

*mutter* scrap that! something more exciting is needed ...

It is a truth, universally acknowledged, that a girl in possession of insane sociability must be in want of a blog.

*grimace* something ORIGINAL please ...

This is the blog that will launch a thousand thoughts.

*wail* you are plagarising again!

I like to write, I love to share, I adore the idea of banging on about whatever I wish on the internet. Thus my experiences will live here in this little corner of

It is rather rudimentary at the moment - I have been lazy in filling it up. This happens, I find, when you have too much fun doing the interesting stuff and not the discipline to write it all down!

Over the next two weeks I will be back dating many posts, so when you get on be sure to check the August and September archives for new tales. For all those coming from Travelling with Clairebear, everything before June is old material from that board.

I must explain that the launch of this blog has been delayed but the severe emotional and social turmoil that has flooded my usually placid life with sleepless nights since the last week of September.

For weeks now each and every day has being lived in abject misery enveloped by great happiness. Each day my eyes have burned from trying not to cry while my mouth was curving in joy. My heart feels like it been beaten black and blue from the bombardment of disparate and violent emotions it receives each day.

I suppose what I am trying to say is that there may be a few emotionally loaded stories to read.

Tonight I was at a discussion group made up of evangelical leaning Anglicans hosted by Richard. It was a sedate discussion on the ordination of women bishops and I felt incredibly at home in the midst of these Christians. I have a great fondness for theology and religious discussion, stemming from the bible study groups and devotedly attended masses of my deeply religious youth and continued in my lapsed Catholic adulthood with my expanding knowledge of history and literature encouraging an appreciation of my Catholic heritage.

(There is going to be a post up soon on the difference between being a Dan Brown reader and a Dan Brown believer which will touch more fully on this topic!)

Tonight I found myself getting a little teary while earnestly arguing that personal witness is God made manifest whether that is housed in the body of a man or a woman, a homosexual or a heterosexual, a celibate or a committed partner. I am slightly surprised that I still have such strong religious views. But then, you know what they say about Catholic schoolgirls ...

I enjoyed the religious talk of witness and outreach because I am in the midst of having to encourage friends going through hard times and, in some instances, ruthlessly bear witness to my deep regard and care for those I hold close to my heart. Whether it is standing between a courting couple and being privy to both parties' thoughts, or ripping the band aid off festering wounds in a friendship, friends are close to being my religion and sometimes I wish they would just take a break and let me have a quiet night at home.

So, welcome to my blog. It will be peopled by interesting friends, shaped by random adventures and bloated with reflections, half-baked theories and general ramblings.

A toast, then, to me.

That is why you are here isn't it ...?