Friday, October 15, 2004

Monkeys, dolls and bags

Woke up.

Groused about how much sleep I don't get in bed and how much I was going to get in front of the computer at work doing stuff a trained monkey could do.

Had lunch with Jacinta and laugh maniacally about stupid stuff. She is a treasure for what she puts up with.

Told Ozy she was weird. Spent the rest of the day assuring her that was meant in an endearing fashion.

Spent an hour nose-to-oil with portraits of the Tudors. Some of those 'favourites' of the first Lizzie were right lookers – especially the dandy with the long auburn hair.

Watched three vaguely silly art-house animations that reduced Kate and I to uncharacteristic silence due to amazed incomprehension. Left in the middle of the question and answer session with the directors when a paragraph-length luvvie question from the critic to the artist was answered with 'well, I don't know what I really mean by using dolls, I am just making the film, I am just the puppet for larger forces ...'

Kate's bag amuses me greatly by using her mobile, after being told a thousand times not to, to ring my mobile and leave an endearing message of Kate walking home. Those bags, such social creatures.