Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Rollin' wit da homies

Once upon a time there was a young woman (me) who lived with a lively couple called Matt and Monica. Sometimes this young woman had trouble sounding intelligent and this resulted in the embarrassing phenomenon of her referring to Mott and Manica so often it became the couple's nickname among the young woman's friends.

To curb this habit of hers, she started referring to them as M&M. Sometimes M&M really did remind her of the famous chocolate that melted in your mouth and not in your hand. You melted them by intelligent conversation, not posing and glad-handing. Then, prompted but an email in which I made a clumsy, yet appropriate rhyme, Monica decided to channel the OTHER M&M.

One of my friend's sent out an invite to a nightclub event to which she had been invited by a DJ. Another member of the list commented that the hostess was going 'street' on us. I admitted I would not be able to make it because I was going to a Terry Pratchett convention and managed to rhyme 'geek' and 'street'.

Then Eminem arrived in the shape of Monica ...

"Yo! Uh!

Claire's on a mission
Bet you're wishin'
That she'd told ya earlier
'bout her conditions

Friendship wid da Bearz oh-so-great
But you know ya gotta capitulate
To her oh-so-whimsical scheduling
Your Filofax to the table you'll bring

For any of your future dates
So her time you can appreciate (uh!)
And so that you can get yourself in
For her weekly book reading thing

One thing you have got to know
Is which Bear is running this show (yo!)
So put your hands up in the air
Then bow yourself down, chanting 'Whoz Da Bear?'

If you wanna have her at your partee
You've gotta organise it really earlee
Otherwise, you'll be up sh*t creek
When she fobs you off for some Pratchett geeks .. Uh!

Oh god, I'm going to get SO hit for that one tonight. I'm sorry people,
Claire threw up the rhyming challenge and I took it :)"

Ah, chocolate (w)rappers!

I actually inspired Monica to create quite a bit of poetry and prose in our time ...