Thursday, December 23, 2004

From the Post Box to YOU!

Royal Mail provide a new Premium Service in London.

You put your package in the Post Box, and five days later they deliver it - not to the addressee - but back to you.

What could they possibly come up with to top THAT for service?

I arrived home on Tuesday and as I made my way up the stairs, Monica sang out that I was a lucky girl - I had a parcel.

I caught sight of the parcel and it looked all too familiar – you see it was Alicia's Christmas present, posted on Friday for Perth. I know for a fact that at least one of it's accompanying parcels actually reached Perth on the same day.

I stared, I trembled and I unleashed a display of anger and swearing that had Monica leaping out of her skin. She watched me stride around the house calling into question the parentage and intelligence of all Royal Mail workers and I think she was shocked at the outburst.

Who knows what I did wrong! On the front of the envelope – structurally the front, the side with the Royal Mail stamp, the SMALL PACKET label and the Air Mail sticker I had placed an Australian postal address. On the back of the envelope – structurally the back, the side with the declaration sticker, I had placed my return address. To mistake one side for the other is possible, but not ideal I'm sure you would agree.

It is a mystery and an annoyance to me. Alas, startling incompetence is commonplace in this country, almost the norm.