Friday, February 25, 2005

There is snow business like snow business!

Oh yeah baby, it is snow time again in London and this year I was better prepared than last year. Better prepared meaning I was not acting like a five-year-old and running around in circles chanting songs composed on the spot about snow.

I was really cool, calm and collected and limited myself to hustling Jac out of bed to look at the snow and taking photos from my window of my snow-covered view. This year I got to view the snow falling from a few storeys up though which was cool. In the space of my 40 minutes getting ready you could really see the different styles of snowfall ... it wafted down, slammed down AND come down kinda horizontal.

I do think that my three morning companions were a little shocked that I took photos of them though; the stocky guy in the bottom flat who has breakfast in his white towelling dressing gown each morning, the guy in the top flat with his two huge Mac monitors in his home office and the shy guy in the middle flat who keeps on ducking out of sight when I pass my window ...