Thursday, February 24, 2005

Timeshare Knowledge

I have a few plans to implement this year and I am going to ask for nominations for one and offer the other one as a kind of timeshare offer.

Two of my resolutions are to read more non-fiction and to subscribe to magazines that provide contemporary commentary.


AIM: Read two non-fiction books a month on History and Literature / Ideaology, choosing areas of the world that I have no specialisation in (ie not Britain or Western Europe).

METHOD: Turn the pages.

EQUIPMENT: A learned, yet easy to read tome that covers a good chunk of the history and literature / ideaology of the area chosen.

April – China and Mongolia

May – India

June – South East Asia

July – Scandanavia

August – Eastern Europe

September – North Africa

October – South Africa

November – South America

December – Central America

Essentially I am taking recommendations. I do not have a wide enough knowledge of these regions to know who the scholars are and which publications are the most authorative or well-written. If you have read a book you would recommend or an author I should follow up, please let me know.


AIM: Subscribe to four magazines a month that provide a range of commentary on contemporary scholarship in my area of interest, on international politics and on the environment.

METHOD: Turn the pages.


The New Internationalist on a three month trial as offered in the Big Issue
The National Geographic which has a special offer
The New Yorker
History Today

Once again I am taking recommendations AND, in an exclusive deal for the Londoners, I am offering to share the subscription costs with anyone who wants the magazines as well. If you have always fancied subscribing to one that you think may be of interest to me, let me know.

***This sharing of subscription offer is open until the 15th of March***