Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Advertising Feature

Internet-geek time everyone.

I have a website. You are reading it at the moment. I only have in the format of a blog because blogger is the easiest platform for me to publish on the net and no-one liked the ezBoard forum anyway.

Thus, I do not consider myself a real blogger, I just publish my writing on the net.

But what I *AM* is a complete sucker for people mentioning me on the net.

Monica mentioned me quite a few times on her blog Th'inkwell but that was because I lived with her.

Matt links to me on his blog Creativity on Demand but that is because I used to live with him.

I love those two links, but they are ones I didn't earn. What I did earn were these three little gems of Claire’s minor presence on the net.

BIG MENTION NUMBER ONE – Miss C’s blog. I found Catriya’s blog when a flash of boredom drove me to press the next blog button. I landed on a post about her plans for an ex-boyfriend and didn’t look back. I don’t think I have ever read a better commentator on my generation’s experience of looking for love. I finally contacted Catriya privately when I realized that she had been on exchange to Australia and we are now offline correspondents.

BIG MENTION NUMBER TWO – JP’s website. JP is a very good friend of Kristen’s and a friend of mine from first year. He was in the UK for a short time and we went out for an entertaining day at the museums. He now links to my blog, which I had not expected at all. If you look carefully both Kristen and I star in his photo galleries.

BIG MENTION NUMBER THREE – Jacinta mentioned the other day that when she wanted to find my blog she searched for ‘insanely sociable’ on google. Curious, I did the same thing. Hilariously, my post 'Complimenting talent with talent' is listed as a reference for complimenting on I am now both published AND referenced!

The internet is definitely a strange place.