Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The State of Claire

Friends, Family, Visitors

Today we stand at the start of an uncertain eight months for our State. Having failed in our negotiations with Great Britain for residency the State is conceding defeat and returning to Australia. While deeply regretting our passionate love for Britain could not move mountains, nor, indeed, the Visa and Immigration Department, the State is proud that our feelings are truly ambivalent, as we must leave the land of Intellectual Paradise for the land of Physical Paradise.

During our final four months of residence in Great Britain, the State will be engaged in various activities that naturally occur with disengagement. Many new friends are to be left behind and time must be spent cementing relationships, a state of alertness for last minute opportunities for the State to remain in Great Britain must be maintained and plans drawn up for the Return to Paradise. These activities are, in their very nature, apt to make the State completely self-absorbed and potentially extremely dull as we stare inwards, trying to ensure the best for our State.

Whatever the outcome of the next eight months, the State is eternally grateful for the continuing good wishes and patience of her Allies.

But seriously, I am turning into a rather dull stick, for while I may be in the current state of being perfectly happy whether I remain home in Great Britain or whether I go home to Australia, I am always aware that my plans may be running before a different wind in the next six to eight months. Not being willing to commit yourself lest a better opportunity arise leaves you mentally and emotionally fatigued with the uncertainty and the excitement.

And so I issue this disclaimer for all readers and correspondents – I am currently completely preoccupied with packing up my life in the anticipation of going home, but with the hope that I will get to remain at home. The State of Claire is thus uncertain.