Thursday, November 26, 2009

Giving thanks

Poet: Emily Dickinson
Reason: Getting back on the horse with a dear friend and valued muse

So, she is back hey? Monica’s writing is intrinsically bound up with my own because her experience of blogging was the one I followed. It is nice to read her writing again, albeit in a very different style. I particularly like her change to poetry, given that I am endeavouring to read more poetry.

In a nod to M and C getting back into the game, one of my favourite of Emily’s poems thus far:

As if I asked a common Alms,
And in my wondering hand
A Stranger pressed a Kingdom,
And I, bewildered, stand –
As if I asked the Orient
Had it for me a Morn –
And it should lift it’s purple Dikes,
And shatter Me with Dawn!

Emily wrote more than the 1789 poems in the collection that I have, and most of them are far too worthy for me, but there is this cheeky streak to her that ensures the fraction that I love, I flat out adore. I suspect that the power she found to write her difficult and daring verse rested in the fact that each poem was written for a specific correspondent and was not to be published in her lifetime. Such freedom to create, such creativity without the support of an extensive audience!

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