Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Hey Craig! It is quite thrilling to receive an email asking where my writing has disappeared to; being missed by a reader is a great thing. The style, motivation and topics of my next era of writing is still nebulous, although that being said I have been a little inspired by two very different theories ...

During my thesis year I based an entire Post-Modernism essay around the concepts of orders of magnitude from this talk by Richard Dawkins. Although not beloved by my lecturers I treasure the piece, and it was forcibly brought to the forefront of my mind when I read this piece from the New Perspectives Quarterly. I could see the concepts and words of my Post-Modernism essay mutate before my very eyes, the newly encountered ideas changing the nature of the old ideas, leading me to my favourite contemplation – words, and how they hold back the dark.

In moments of extreme introspection I wonder if, when I write, do I patiently cutting the white page into letter shaped holes through which to see the dark? Do I take the raging, battering dark and persuade it to crouch, waiting, on the page? Do I take the dark and whittle and carve it until its true shape lies free on the white? Do I capture the more bearable currents of the dark in the closed rock pools of letters, letting the black become still water between the white channels carved from the paper? The light meets the dark; white edges keeping the black corralled, formless grey at the point of meeting. Or is it rainbows that line the space between the light and the dark? Perhaps some people see their life as the grey between, others the colours of the spectrum leading from dark to light? Perhaps some people never see both the dark and light at once, sitting only to see one, allowing it to become their only horizon.

Time to try and capture that magic again.

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