Friday, November 20, 2009

Perks of the Job

Postcard (L): Red Shoes from Ely
Possession (R): Glitter Shoes from Nine West
Reason: On the scale of a girl’s life, the point at which one has enough shoes actually sits beyond the point of death

‘Twas the Friday before the Month o’Christmas Parties and I had to sate the hungry maw of my wardrobe. I have finally embraced the reality of my work uniform being a pretty dress and high heels, and now I can only really justify a purchase if it can hold its own at the theatre after coming straight from work. Thus the fabulous red shoes on Ely’s card are conjured into existence in a slightly different colour, but with the same pizzaz; ready to convey me through the Festive Season in tinsel-ly style, if not in comfort.

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