Tuesday, December 01, 2009


Cupcake: Made by me
Details: Made by others
Reason: Plasticine is fun

Last year I went to a Christmas party for a company I had only been working at for about five weeks. I turned up and realised I really didn't want to socialise with the adults, so I established myself at the kids table with the plasticine and decided to go for broke in the Plasticine Competition. I chose a topic I knew alot about - cupcakes - and married it with one I did not - gardening. I love the cupcake, not just because the base cupcake was so well made by me, but because each detail on the cupcake itself was donated by one of the kids at the table. I won the adult section of the competition (one other competitor) and got to take home a great little piece of ... plasticine.

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