Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Almost The Midnight

It's almost The Midnight, and I am waiting for the third piece of news.

The first half of today was flat and boring and grumpy. By lunchtime I knew the extreme grumpiness was simply The World warning me that she was sending me something very, very soon.

I told my lovely lunch companion that something was coming. Over the last year I have developed some really excellent gut instincts that have only grown stronger and more correct over time.

Sure enough, The World sent me two marvellous pieces of news, exciting news, news that has changed the shape and direction of my next five years or so. The World even added two supplementary marvellous pieces of insightful and encouraging feedback, designed to help me move forward very quickly.

But somewhere out there, in the world, to one of my friends, a third, marvellous thing is happening. I look forward to hearing about it very soon indeed.

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ash.lee said...

Gut instincts are the bomb. I've got a set myself ;) VERY HANDY