Saturday, January 05, 2013

Made in WA

I admire, from a comfortable distance and usually in the shade, people who DO things.

I don’t really DO things. I go places. I participate. Things are DONE by other people and I am there to cheer them on.

I only actively DO something because it is a necessity, and usually I do it under great duress. No one has ever accused me of being an Action Woman.

Except reading, I actually DO reading.

I wish I DID more action things though. It would make me way cooler. Action is so attractive, so inspirational. It generates energy and moves the heart and the head of the onlooker and it is the reason tangible things are achieved in this world.

I always feel I should be DOING more, so I admire people who DO things.

On the other hand, I adore people who MAKE things. Mostly people who MAKE words DO things, because that is pretty much what I want to DO.

Things I MAKE:

Usually plastic, always colourful, recently described by a friend as ‘rawr-I’m-going-to-eat-your-attention’ jewellery.

Usually fatty, almost always yummy, definitely the main reason I should be DOING more things!

Usually funny, always intelligent, mostly the people who make me DO new stuff without me noticing because I am distracted by the fun of MAKING friends with them.


Anyone who MAKES something out of nothing, or something else, has my absolute respect. To reach out and form the world as it is into something newly imagined! What a skill!

And as for those amazing people, the gods of my idolatry, who MAKE the word into sentences that make you FEEL and THINK and LAUGH and CRY and DECIDE TO DO STUFF? Well, I think you get my drift.

So, I’m off to DO some worshipping and MAKE appropriate offerings before I head out on my mission to get the things I MAKE to DO things. Then I am going to make lunch, read a book on the beach and call a friend.

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