Saturday, June 28, 2014

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

Inspired by the discovery of Normal Moments in Art History With No Murder and with paintings provided by Ariel, I have created a little tribute to some of the Murderous Ladies of Western Art History.
Best moment: Representing my School at Debating
Future Plans: Winning more Debates
what is for dinner?
did you buy the shampoo I like?
how could you leave the house in that?
Your mum’s kinda quiet …
Now just get that back to the bench and I’ll get everything else. Start prepping it for the stock, but pluck all the hair.
Gary hates hair in stock and I want to win this challenge.
I tried one bell, then three bells, but she just kept bringing them back. She loves playing with them, I guess. It’s in her nature. And she does keep them out of the house as well, so that's good.
He told me I was spending too much time on Pinterest. He told me he wanted me to spend more time with him. I split the diff.
he was crying and begging

mine too!

anyway, he was crying and I felt the tears fall and kinda moisturise my hand

let’s see

see, really smooth

wow, that feels fantastic

I found myself wondering what would happen if I bathed in tears, y'know?

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