Friday, June 10, 2016

1422 Roundup

It's two weeks now to the reading of my first adaption of a short story to stage in Melbourne for wit Incorporated, and of course I've decided that blogging some link roundups of the final countdown towards that and the Federal Election is exactly the kind of procrastination I need to participate in :)


What I enjoyed about this gif was how succinctly it summed up the reasons 'A Scandal in the Weimar', as an adaptation of Conan Doyle, was conceived by Jen in the first place; much menz, wow science, very easy to change characters to women because science and logic are universal skills ...

Credit here


My election campaign took a turn for the Nineties with Alex McKinnon's call for Australian Pop from the end of the 20th Century to guide us into the 21st century:
Savage Garden’s ‘Affirmation’ Is The Best Policy Platform Of The 2016 Election
Given I still own one of Daniel Jones' guitar picks from Savage Garden's first Perth concert, this suggestion has my full endorsement for both considering pop as art (whoot!) and the comfort of considering the values of my generation as valid.

Please imagine I am singing this to the day known as 2 July 2016:

In more serious, but also pop culture related news, I am watching three non-Western Australian Federal seats with great interest this election - those being Batman Indi New England - because if you say them fast enough it sounds like a legitimate sentence, and also, they are interesting contests, especially Indi!

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