Saturday, January 12, 2013

Current Housemates

Housemate One: Sister. Soon to be in London. Huzzah!

Housemate Two: Humpty Dumpty. Born the same time I was born. Better than Humpty on Play School, for sure.

Housemate Three: Green Dragon. Again, a friend from when I was very young. He could be a dinosaur. It's hard to tell.

Housemate Four: Queen Mab. A friendship cemented in Year Twelve Religion, named for a Shakespearean Fairy, she has a crucifix (body of Christ removed) at her waist.

Housemate Five: The Librarian. My orangutan friend, entrusted to me by the Ladies of The Broken Drummers on the occasion of my Leaving of London.

Housemate Six: Penguin. Because I've always been friends with penguins.

Housemate Seven: She comes with a bad reputation, but I think I can handle her.

Hey guys, this is Abigail!

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