Monday, January 14, 2013


Dolls, like puppies, cry for the first few days they are with new Hosts. But, like puppies, Dolls are held and loved and taken to tea parties and given treats, so after a few days, they start to feel loved and stop crying. The Fey called from the Circles to Dolls are always on their first calling, so they are young and affectionate.

When I picked Abigail up on Saturday, her Host had been adamant that she moved, but had not mention talking. I assumed the Host was investing her doll with the characteristics of a Doll she remembered from childhood. Only about 5% of dolls owned by Hosts over 6-years-old call the Fey and become Dolls, so when I got home and Abigail wasn’t talking, I figured she was merely an adult’s doll and I placed her amongst my other housemates.

Last night I was woken up at about 2am and Abigail was at the end of my bed. I was so pleased. Dolls that find themselves in households without children sometimes forget how to talk. I assumed she had talked to my sister, the youngest in our household, and asked to be moved, so I lent forward to hug her, and she turned her head away from me.

I was so frightened it felt like my soul was yanked out of the top of my head and left yabbering about witch-hazel and wolfsbane up near the ceiling somewhere. And I think I might have stopped breathing. As I stopped moving though, Abigail ceased her contemplation of the bookshelf and turned her face back to me. The shock of the second movement had me back in my body in no time, because I was actually face to face with a still Doll.

When the Circles select us as consorts we are told that we can do what we do because we met a still Doll too young. They say our receptiveness to the unique needs of the Fey in Dolls is heightened by an experience that we don’t remember, but can still act on instinctively, and thus we are asked to be consorts. I have always maintained I remember my still Doll, Barbie, but I can tell you, I don’t remember this fright!

Abigail was watching me and I moved again, and again she lost interest in me and turned her head to peruse my bedside table. Suddenly it occurred to me that she liked looking at things that were still, sleeping. So, anxious that I give her some affection soon - the Fey do not do well without affection when on their first calling - I ignored my residual fright and lay her down next to me in bed. I needed to sleep, she liked still things, so I figured she could watch me while I slept.

This morning I woke up and it was clear that Abigail and I were going to get along fine. There is a scene in the movie of Interview with the Vampire when Claudia cuts off her beautiful curls and they grow back immediately. I always wanted perfect curls like hers, and curls that lasted forever. I woke up this morning with a head full of curls, loving set by Abigail while I slept.

I don't think she is an ordinary still Doll, my Abigail.

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