Wednesday, January 09, 2013

The Fey Circles

I saw this marvelous advert and decided to send the seller an email offering to be Abigail's new Host. I am sure I can keep Abigail in line, as I did my very naughty Barbie when I was five!

Dear Abigail’s Current Host

I run the Fey Circles Relocation Service for Dolls.

We offer a Protective Intermediary Service to human Hosts who are having their Doll extracted. When a Doll is being removed from Middle World, it is unwise to wait until The Circles call on you, especially if you do not have salt, milk and witch hazel on your person in the correct proportions.

We seek to prevent injuries and loss of life.

Abigail is due back to her Mother in less than a fortnight and we are so pleased we were able to locate you before the end of her allowed time in Middle World.

I was the Host for Abigail’s sister, Barbie, around thirty years ago. She was similarly wilful and I kept her in line by keeping her naked under a cupboard and chewing her feet off slowly.

She was a very acquiescent Barbie until her Mother came to fetch her.

Queen Mab has included this message for Abigail. I hope it will make dealing with her easier during the next few weeks, as we locate Abigail’s Glass for her return to her loving family.


Abigail, darling, all is forgiven! It’s almost time to come home.

The Fey Circles left a spider strangled in its own thread on my stoop last night, so I estimate you have about 13 days before you are required to come back through The Looking Glass.

Don’t be afraid of the return journey, it only hurts entering the Middle World. Coming back to The Circles is a great pleasure, you are coming home, after all! Just in case, we will have all the necessary needles and threads ready for your return, I’m sure all the flayed parts will be found this time.

Your sister Barbie is looking forward to seeing you again. We got around the problem of her missing feet by soldering her legwires to the accelerator and brake of her favourite Tonka Truck. She can get almost anywhere in that Truck.

Missing you terribly, your adoring Mother, Mab.

We look forward to working with you in this matter

Claire Madeleine
Middle World Fey Circles Consort, P.fey.D
Doll Extractor

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ash.lee said...

I had a similar doll called Jenny while I was growing up. She also had an odd habit of wandering off and turning up in the strangest of places...

By the way you're writing makes me happy.